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  1. Roadway and Equipment Law

    55.79.04 and 5579.08 Objects Bounding Township Roads, Section 5571.14 Obstruction of Highway Ditches and ... Highways, Section 5547.04 and 5547.03 Slow-Moving Vehicles Signs and Lighting, Section 4513.11 Snowmobiles, ...

  2. Nuisance Law

    Districts, Chapter 929 (Ohio Right to Farm Statute) Defense for Civil Action for Nuisance, Section 929.04 ...   Case Law Harmon v. Adams-  Alleged nuisance against hog facility.  Because R.C. 929.04 provided ... statutory immunity provided under R.C. 929.04 is an affirmative defense that must be properly pled. An ...

  3. Webinar series to help Ohio dairy producers mitigate price and income risk

    we saw $16.52 per cwt.  This followed a similar scenario in June, where a $21.04 Class III price was ...