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  1. For the Most in Pasture Management, Measure Forage Dry Matter

    Multiply this average by a conversion factor (currently 107.04) for cool season grass pastures. Use this ...

  2. Chow Line: Weigh fish advisories against fish benefits (for 6/6/04)

    May 26, 2004 We usually eat a lot of fish in summer. Some of it we catch ourselves. Should we cut back? Eating fish has plenty of health benefits, and dietitians still recommend Americans eat more fish than we currently do. But with so many advisories abo ...

  3. Chow Line: Vary veggies for vitamins (for 9/26/04)

    September 17, 2004 When it comes to vegetables, my husband eats only spinach-- a whole carton of frozen spinach at dinner. Is this advisable? First, good for him for eating green vegetables on a daily basis. Spinach happens to be a very good source of die ...